Belief in the Prophets

Belief in the Prophets

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Belief in the Prophets

As mentioned earlier, Islam teaches that the Prophets were the best of humanity, specifically chosen by God due to their excellent qualities specifically to preach the message of God to humanity. God says in the Quran: “Allah specially chooses Messengers from angels and from humans. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer.” (Quran 22:75) The Prophets were the best of humans, living examples to be emulated: “We sent no messenger except to be obeyed, by Allah’s leave…”(Quran 4:64)

The Shiites, however believe that their Imams are better than the prophets12F13, and that some prophets were highly praised only due to their love of the Imams13F[1].

If one was to mention all the beliefs of the Shiites in which they have opposed the teachings of Islam, it would definitely need many volumes to do so. It should be clear, however, from this short discourse that the beliefs purported by Shiism has no basis in any of the teachings of Islam, but rather that it is a conglomeration of foreign beliefs evolved over a period of time, all of which revolve around extremist views concerning the leadership of certain favored candidates, known as their Imams. A religion

which teaches the worship of God alone and living a life taught by God’s prophets, a message preached by all prophets, has for them become a life and existence solely based upon love of Ali and affirming his and their Imam’s claim to leadership, struggling to find ways to fit into Islamic texts by addition, interpolation, or misrepresentation. Creation comes into being, Prophets are sent and Scriptures are revealed, all for the purpose of succession of Ali and the latter Imams15, and even on the Day of Judgment, it will be their Imams, not God, who will judge people16. It is no matter to wonder, then, what the basis of entering Heaven or Hell will be according to Shiism. A religion based upon a claimed love of the family of Prophet Muhammad has lead them to beliefs contradicting the very essence of the message brought by him, the message of Islam.


[1] Bihaar al-Anwar (26:267).